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New submission from phone app

I had to experience the same man publicly masturbating a few times. Both times I called the police and both times I was not offered me any form of support. [got_back]

New submission from phone app

Walking to meet friends at a bar, around 8pm, I encountered a group of 3 lads who I’d just witnessed harassing another young women. Having a more masculine appearance they asked if I was a girl as if to insult me, one then asked if the other could have my number because I “look like … Continued

New submission from phone app

I saw a group of 3 young lads kicking a bin bag full of rubbish along the street and then after seeing a women walk by they collectively kicked the bag in attempts to hit the women with it. After failing they proceeded to shout profanity at the women until she was out of ear … Continued

New submission from Sara

I was on the train coming back from a walk with a friend on a Saturday night and on the adjacent table was four men. Throughout our 25 minute train journey back into the city we experienced staring, whispering and unacceptable comments. It was incredibly intimidating and made both my friend and I uncomfortable. They … Continued

New submission from Daniella

As I was walking down Bridlesmiths gate I saw two men make comments at a women and a young girl. I asked if they were OK and they said it was something they were used to and just ignored.   [got_back]

Womens Views on News: ‘Welcome Hollaback! to Nottingham’

Imagine a world where street harassment is not tolerated, where we all enjoy equal access to public spaces. Hollaback! is a movement set up to end street harassment. It is powered by a network of local activists around the world. The idea is that the groups work together to better understand street harassment, to ignite … Continued

Hollaback Nottingham Launch Success

Our launch event at The Corner on Saturday was fantastic. With so much going on in the city it was great to have so much of the community interested in the Hollaback! campaign. As an international organisation in 84 sites, in 25 countries, in 14 languages, we are very proud to be the team to … Continued

New submission from Madison

My girlfriend, a POC, and I were walking down Clumber Street, and were accosted by a group of young men outside McDonalds. One shouted at us, calling a pair of “busted dykes”, another called my girlfriend a “raghead rugmuncher” due to her being Middle Eastern. My girlfriend was in tears, and I was literally shaking … Continued