Hollaback! & POW: Nott Content

With International Women’s Day on Sunday we started celebrations last night with an incredible evening gathered in the old fruit and veg warehouse that is JT Soar with an eclectic mix of five fantastic all female acts.

Marita Metelia was first up with an acoustic set of love with Dive Deep and to many nights out with City Lights .

Orla Shortall was our first DIY Poet recounting poetry of sleazy work colleagues, silent vapasana love affairs, salty seamen and a rendition of Still I Rise in remembrance of Maya Angelou.

Rattle followed with their unique sound of skilfully timed tribal drums, melodic vocals and layered percussions.

The second DIY Poet to perform was Claire Stewart with poems of a found poem of TV listings and finished off with a poem for all of those who refuse to accept the capitalism, greed and status grabbing that society encourages.

Then the Bus Stop Madonna’s bought out the electric guitar playing their classic cover by the Snubs and getting some audience participation with their final song Thunderbird.

A huge thank you to everyone that performed, volunteered and came to make us have such a memorable first gig and help us raise  £70 for POW. We look forward to bringing more women acts for you all to enjoy.

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